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Choosing a Training Plan

Beginning a fitness plan or gym programme can be daunting. Where do you even begin? Perhaps you’re brand new to running and you want to get started on your journey. Maybe you have some experience in the gym already and you’re looking for a training programme to develop your routine further?

Here at mybod, we understand how overwhelming this search can be. We strive to offer simple Training Plans that are delivered through our App, supported by our highly-qualified team of professionals. Each of our Plans are Physiotherapist-Led, which means your exercise programme has been approved by a healthcare professional.

The beauty of our Training Plans is that you have direct access to a Physiotherapist, as well as a Coach. The level of access or engagement is up to you and plans are priced accordingly. Your programme will typically follow a monthly structure and you will pay monthly (just like Netflix). Each programme has a 10% Physiotherapy discount included, so you can then decide to book in sessions with your Physiotherapist at a frequency you are comfortable with. However, we do recommend you have an Initial Consultation at a minimum. To learn more about the process or to get in touch, you can scroll past our plans to the bottom of the page.

Gym Training Plans

Our Gym Plans are different to any training plans you might have followed in the past. We understand everyone says that but with us, you have your Physio in your pocket while you train. Your coach is also your Physiotherapist and your Training Plan will be individualised and tailored based on your experience! Each Gym Plan has the option of including 1-1 sessions with your Physiotherapist. You can decide on the number of sessions you would like to include over the course of your training phase. These sessions could be scheduled evenly across your plan or at personal intervals that suit you best.

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Running Training Plans

We have a variety of Running Plans that are suitable for complete beginners and people trying to improve. Our goal is to have a programme for each stage of your development and allow you to train both independently and with our very own running community. All Running Plans are personalised and will include two way messaging with your Physiotherapist and Running Coach, access to weekly running sessions and groups, tailored nutrition and necessary S&C Workouts, as well as a 10% Physiotherapy discount that can be used in the clinic, on the gym floor or online.

Our Marathon Plan has everything you need as a runner to finish your first Marathon or smash your PB! For €30 a month, you will receive a tailored 12-Week Plan with 5 weekly workouts.  We are here to get you started on your running journey and answer any question you might have. Click the link below learn more and complete your registration today!  

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Our Running Plans have set start and end dates and work towards a future event. For example our Marathon Plan will typically begin 16 weeks from the Dublin Marathon. This gives you a chance to run with our group and meet people training towards a common goal. Please get in touch if you would like a personalised programme for your chosen event. Check back here often as we have plenty of running plans in the works!

General Training Plans

Here at mybod, we pride ourselves on providing you with everything you need to take your first step on your fitness journey. Similarly, if you encounter a setback, we are here to help and get you moving again. Whether you are a pre-existing customer doing our exercise classes twice a week or you have never heard of us before, we have the perfect supplement to your training your training. 

Perhaps you’re exercising regularly already but you’re not training towards a specific goal? You don’t need a full-blown programme but you would like an additional layer of support, guidance and information. We’ve got you covered. Record all your activity and training and access two-way messaging with a Coach and Physiotherapist. You can build and track your daily workouts or record your sport activity. You will also receive a personalised meal plan with nutritional guidance and recipes.

This plan also includes a 10% discount for Physiotherapy, which you always can use to train with your Physio in the gym! Click to learn more.

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How does it work?

Firstly, you can browse our plans and select one that you think is right for you. If you need more information or would like to ask us questions, please give us a call on 0860363536 or Whatsapp us below.

Secondly, you can then go ahead and purchase your plan like you would any other product online. You will then be sent instructions to download our app and get onboarded!

Finally, your Training Plan will be added to your profile automatically and you can get to work! If you purchase a plan with Physiotherapy Sessions included, a member of our team will get in touch to book your first appointment. You can then claim each of these sessions back from your Health Insurance  Provider (if your policy includes this cover).