Meet Our Team

Our Vision

We will strive to create a one-stop-shop for everyone’s health, fitness and well-being.

Our Mission

By building nurturing community hubs and managing powerful data analytics, we endeavour to expand our service offering beyond physiotherapy to create an accessible and modern healthcare system.

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Our Value Pairs

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Competence: We want to provide a best-in-class service based on value.

Honesty: We want customers to understand clearly where they are now, so we can help them to move to where they need to be.


Accountability: We strive to be accountable for the well-being of our customers.

Humility: We will create a culture of constant learning.


Equality: Pain and Injury do not discriminate and neither do we.

Community: We are creating an inclusive community that improves broader society.

Customer Fulfilment

Obsess: Feedback, Feedback, Feedback.

Innovate: Time moves quickly and so do we. Always moving forward and using our imagination.

About us

Ed & Ciarán founded mybod together after many years of working in different fields. Our team are striving to create a wonderfully unique culture that fosters a true sense of Happiness. All of our practitioners are fully licensed, qualified and insured. Customers can expect to only ever be treated and trained by professionals.

Edmond King headshot

Edmond King

Physiotherapist & Co-founder

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Ciarán O'Reilly

Director & Co-founder

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Rebecca Reilly

Athletic Therapist